Shade Sails Disadvantages - Sunshine Coast Shade Sails
Some of the many benefits Shade Sails Sunshine Coast can offer you
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Disadvantages of Shade Sails for your Sunshine Coast Home

  1. Holes


A poorly designed sail constructed of poor quality material is likely to get a hole. Not only is cheap material less resistant to the elements, it tends to stretch. This causes the sail to sag resulting in a catchment for water and debris. This causes the sail to rot and form a hole. Holes can be repaired. But if you choose one of our expertly designed sails constructed of quality materials your sail should be repair-free for many years.

  1. Gets dirty


There is no preventing it – anything in the outdoors gets dirty. Dust and dirt from the atmosphere, pollution from cars and planes, leaves and bark from nearby trees can all cause your shade sail to get dirty. Light coloured sails are particularly susceptible to dirt while darker colours can appear to look clean for years. Our shade sails can be cleaned with gentle soap and water so if you prefer a lighter colour, with a little work you can still keep it looking good.

  1. Storms


Our expertly designed and well maintained shade sails are very strong and are likely to withstand harsh conditions for years. But they are not designed to withstand severe wind storms and cyclones and cannot be guaranteed against such violent conditions. However, because they are not permanent structures they can be removed in the event of extreme weather and easily reinstalled afterwards.

  1. May lose balance


Shade sails carry a great deal of tension and need to be supported by solid fixing points. It is important that your posts are of adequate strength and that they are embedded firmly into the ground. Insecure posts may not only cause damage to your sail but they can pose great danger. We recommend spending extra time to ensure your posts remain solid for years or you can contact one of our professional instillation experts to ensure peace of mind.

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