Effects on Your Property - Sunshine Coast Shade Sails
Having shade sails installed by Shade Sails Sunshine Coast can help increase your property value and more
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Effects on Your Property

A well designed shade sail can add an extra room to your home. This adds both practical and financial value to your home. It may even become the major selling point that helps your house sell faster and for more money. Our shade sails are extremely durable and are resistant to mould, rot and mildew so their designs can be enjoyed for years to come.


Unlike other more permanent structures that may take a week or more to install, our shade sails can usually be installed in a day. The fixings are easily undone for removal when moving house or if you are worried about potential damage from a storm.


If you would like more information on how our shade sails can enhance your home, simply call one of our experienced installers to obtain a FREE design and quote.

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