Nambour and Burnside shade sails

Nambour and Burnside Shade Sails

Sunshine Coast Shade Sails are ready to serve Nambour and Burnside for all your cost-effective, environmentally friendly, aesthetic and healthy home, business and community shade needs.

We are friendly Sunshine Coast locals who know the coast and hinterland like the back of our hands. We understand the climate, your lifestyle and your shade needs. That’s why residents of Nambour and Burnside look to Sunshine Coast shade sails.

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We are your go-to shade sail suppliers for:

  • pools
  • carports
  • gardens
  • play areas
  • carparks
  • small businesses
  • community spaces

Image Flat and Towen Mountain shade sails

Shade sails are an iconic part of the Australian landscape, with plenty of their elegant lines to be seen already in Image Flat and Townen Mountain in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Glorious weather, proximity to the beach and amenities, and the enviable Sunshine Coast hinterland lifestyle mean living in Nambour, Burnside, Image Flat or Towen Mountain is highly sought after.

For many years now, the trusted team at Sunshine Coast Shade Sails have been helping the residents of the Sunshine Coast hinterland make the most of their outdoor fun. As everyone knows, making the most of your outdoors lifestyle in south-east Queensland means being sun-safe and keeping cool.

In Image Flat, Towen Mountain, Nambour and Burnside, Sunshine Coast Shade Sails are your premier supplier of beautiful, durable, high-quality and safe shade sails.

The best shade sails in Perwillowen and Dulong

Sunshine Coast Shade Sails are the premier shade sail suppliers for the Sunshine Coast and its hinterland. We know the Sunshine Coast, its climate, and its outdoorsy, hedonistic lifestyle. We are your best shade sail suppliers in Perwillowen and Dulong because we love what we do and we make sure we provide you with superior service, always.

Plus, our shade sails are simply the highest quality available.

So, why not invest in a Sunshine Coast Shade Sail for your home, business or community space?

Here is a selection of good reasons:

  • they are beautiful – with elegant lines and a wide range of designer tones to choose from
  • they are practical – simply the best and easiest way to shade your family, car and possessions
  • they are inexpensive – representing a sound long-term investment
  • they are durable – constructed to contend with the harsh Queensland conditions
  • they are environmentally friendly – our sails locally made. They are guaranteed for 10 years and maintained well may last even longer, making them a low carbon-footprint choice

Sunshine Coast Shade Sails will most of all keep you and your family, friends, clients, customers and neighbours sun-safe and cool. They will also protect your car, pool and other possessions from the harsh heat and UV radiation of the Queensland sun.

Shade sails in Nambour, Burnside, Coes Creek, Perwillowen, Dulong, Image Flat and Towen Mountain

Sunshine Coast Shade Sails is proud to be a supplier of choice to Sunshine Coast hinterland townships and suburbs of Nambour, Burnside, Coes Creek, Perwillowen, Dulong, Image Flat, Towen Mountain.

We are part of your Sunshine Coast hinterland community and live the life here like you do. That’s how we know exactly how to meet your shade sail needs.

Contact us today for all your enquiries about shade sails in Nambour, Burnside and the greater Sunshine Coast hinterland region.