Rainbow Shade Z16 Series Shade

Rainbow Shade z16

Rainbow Shade z16 is one of Australia’s most popular shade fabric brands with an unrivalled reputation for durability, UR-R protection and quality.

Offering superior UR-R and UPF protection (up to 99%). z16 has been proven through extensive testing to outperform other shade fabric for its UR-R protection and longevity of over 15 years.

z16 comes in a range of contemporary and modern punchy colours, giving home and business owners the flexibly to incorporate a bold and unique look into their homes, offices, cafes, schoolyards or daycare centres.

Other benefit features include glare reduction, protection from heat due the high-quality manufacturing process involved in interweaving the material for maximum UV-R protection whilst allowing air flow making z16 a perfect choice for any shade sail application project.

Rainbow Shade z16 Colour Range