The Best Shade Solutions for Queensland

Shade Sails

What Are The Best Shade Solutions for Queensland?

Shade sails are hugely versatile and there are many options for different sails and structures suited for any application. At Sunshine Coast Shade Sails we custom make all of our sails for you and your needs. If you’re not sure where to start or the many options seem overwhelming we’re here to help. So here’s a breakdown of some of the best shade solutions for Queensland.

Triangle Shade Sails

On its own, a triangle shade sails can offer a simple and low profile shade solution. It’s important to remember that shade sails have scalloped edges which means they can get very skinny at the corners of the sail, significantly reducing the usable shade an individual triangle sail can create. This is why triangular shade sails are most commonly used in sequence with multiple overlapping sails for more complete coverage and to create a striking visual effect.

Parabolic Twist Shade Sails

Parabolic twist, hyperbolic parabola, or Hypar shade sails despite the complex-sounding names are the most common style of shade sail. Made with high and low points at opposing corners these shade sails have a twist to them giving it that distinct shade sail appearance. Usually seen on four-point shade sails, the parabolic twist design can be used on any sized sail with four or more corners.

The twist also provides additional structural support to the sail and lowers wind resistance, preventing movement in the sail even in harsh and windy conditions. The lower points, when oriented correctly with the sun, can increase the shade created at different times of the day to suit your needs. The twist also helps rain run off before it has the chance to pool or leak through.

Hip & Ridge Shade Structures

A hip and ridge shade structure consists of a hipped frame with the fabric stretched over the frame creating a roof. These heavy-duty structures are most popular with schools and are great for covering large spans. The sturdy frame spreads the tension of the fabric across the structure and is great for use with thicker and heavier fabrics. Hip and ridge structures are a great middle-ground between an expensive solid-roofed structure and smaller traditional tensioned shade sails.

Cantilever Shade Structures

Cantilever shade structures are another heavy-duty commercial shade system. Consisting of a cantilever frame with footings on one side of the frame or in the middle and a shade sail skin forming the roof. These structures require significant engineering but their unique design offers many advantages. These structures are most commonly found in large car parks and commercial and industrial sites where the placement of posts and other anchors is limited.

While these shade systems are some of the most common when it comes to custom made shade sails the possibilities are endless. So if you’ve got a challenging space or just want to make a statement with some beautiful shade sails we can help. For the best shade solutions in Queensland contact Sunshine Coast Shade Sails today to speak with one of our expert team to get you obligation-free design and quote.