Community Club and Sports Shade Sails

Community Club and Sports Shade Sails

Rainbow Shade z16 in Royal Blue
Hip and Ridge Structure Shade Sail Installation
Hip and Ridge Structure Shade Sail Installation

Sports are synonymous with the Sunshine Coast, where the super weather lends itself to any fun-filled outdoor pursuit. Sports facilities require shade for both players and spectators, particularly outdoor summer sports such as tennis, swimming and football. Our shade sails can be used for player interchange areas as well as grandstands.

Protection from UV rays is the primary benefit of owning one of our shade sails, and this is one that should not be dismissed lightly. With a good shade sail almost no harmful UV rays can penetrate the fabric, keeping the skin protected from sun damage such as sunburn and skin cancer no matter what time of day it is or how extreme the heat.

UV protection is not the only benefit that our shade sails provide as they are made from fabrics that allow cool air to circulate, providing optimal ventilation. Another advantage is the semi-permanence of your shade sail. As it is not permanently installed, it can be set up and taken down as needed.

By installing one of our shade sails at your sporting facility, you can rest assured that the players and spectators will be protected from the elements and will feel cool comfortable throughout the duration of a game.

Rainbow Shade z16

Our recommended fabric for protecting your outdoor space from the sun is Rainbow Shade z16. It offers the best in versatility, colour options, UV protection and durability. With a 10-year warranty on the fabric, as well as the stitching, it will protect your space for many years to come.

Council Shade Sails

The beauty of our shade sails for Councils lies in the ability to enhance any public area and provide shade, which can be a simple solution for councils to produce maximum impact.

Bus stops and malls are used by thousands of people on the Sunshine Coast daily. Our shade sails can contribute to enhancing the local area as well as protecting its citizens from the elements. Our shade sails are also a popular choice for car park coverings, protecting vehicles from the sun and other elements such as rain or hail.

Walking and recreation trails are becoming very popular and having part of the trail covered by one of our shade sails can provide an excellent resting spot. The durability of our shade sails also makes them the ideal choice for passive recreation areas.

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Sports Shade Sail Installations

Take a look through some photos below that illustrate our installation of sports shade sails across the Sunshine Coast.