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Daycare Centre and School Shade Sails

Daycare Centre Shade Sails
Rainbow Shade z16 - Black
Rainbow Shade z16 in Black offers 99% UV Block.

Our children are our greatest asset so keeping them protected from the harsh Queensland sun is an ever constant battle. It starts from an early age, teaching them to be ‘sun smart’ and staying in the shade is one of the most important factors in this lesson.

No matter what the span line or area needed to be protected, we have a shade sail that will do the job. Whether it is in a daycare centre or a school, children can be in outdoor areas for considerable lengths of time and having them protected is essential. With one of our high-quality shade sails, you can make your outdoor space a safe and enjoyable place all year round, allowing children the pleasure of the outdoors no matter what the weather conditions.

New Australian Standards for Ultra Violet Effectiveness

Standard Australia has adopted a new ranking system for Ultra Violet Effectiveness (UVE), which is particularly important for schools and daycare centres. Read more about the standards here and how our recommended fabric Rainbow Shade z16 offers the best in UV protection.

Shade Sails in Schools

So much of what is learnt in Queensland schools is done outside. You can double the classroom area of your school by simply installing a shade sail. By investing in one of our shade sails, you can offer teachers the chance to relocate their lessons outside when the sun is beaming in on the classrooms making them stuffy and uncomfortable. By learning outside underneath one of our shade sails, children can gain fresh air and refreshing shade, enabling them to concentrate and focus on their school work.

School playground shade is critical in schools. Parents and teachers are starting to expect it and it has become a benchmark requirement in schools. Playgrounds with shade are more often used and school play equipment will last a lot longer with less maintenance required.

Having a covered outdoor eating area for students can improve their concentration and attendance in class as well. Our shade sails can provide a cool, shaded area where children can sit to keep cool and avoid the risk of sunstroke and sunburn.

School Shade Sail Installations

Take a look through some photos below that illustrate our installation of shade sails in schools across the Sunshine Coast.

Shade Sails in Daycare Centres

Most daycare centres have outdoor playgrounds. It is an important part of a child’s learning skills to be exposed to both indoor and outdoor play. As a daycare provider, the benefits of our shade sails at your business will set you apart from the rest. Our shade sails will assist with enhancing the curb appeal of your centre with a cool comfortable shaded playground for the children, peace of mind for the parents, and long lasting protection for your playground equipment.

Our shade sails come in a variety of different colours. The visual aspect of the outdoor area at a daycare centre is paramount to a child’s comfort and learning. More than one colour and overlapping the sails add variety and an aesthetic appeal that can’t be achieved with a solid structure. When installed properly, our shade sails can improve the ventilation in outdoor areas that you can not get with walls or roofs.

To beautify your home or business with shade sails call one of our experienced professionals for installation or to obtain a FREE design and quote. We also offer repair and maintenance services.

Daycare Centre Shade Sail Installations

Take a look through some photos below that illustrate our shade sail installations in daycare centres and preschools across the Sunshine Coast. Vibrant colours, high UV protection and excellent workmanship are all key benefits that we provide.