Tray Back and Load Covers

Sunshine Commercial Tray Back and Load Covers

Hardy Shade and Load Covers For Light Commercials, HINO 300 SERIES, Isuzu N series, Hyundai EX4, Fuso (Mitsubishi) Canter, FOTON AUMARK, Iveco Daily Tray Truck, Dodge Ram and more!

You may find yourself in a spot of bother after a purchase of a light commercial truck with a load or tray back. If you are using your light tray back to transport goods, tools, or equipment, it is now THE LAW to have it safely covered.

For obvious reasons, like in the case of an accident or a rear-ender, it is not safe to have loose items able to fly off and potentially cause damage and/or injury to the public.

Industry Best Standards using Quality 90%+ UV Protection and Unbreakable PTFE Thread!

Tray back and load covers

For this reason, Sunshine Coast Shade Sails have developed a patented custom design for a series of light commercial tray backs and tray load trucks. Previously costing literally thousands of dollars, the new Sunshine Commercial Tray Back Cover is a one of a kind in regards to cost vs reliability and longevity.

Each state in Australia has strict rules about how your tray load is covered. From Bundaberg, Queensland (QLD) to Penrith New South Wales (NSW), right across Victoria, South Australia and more, drivers are being fined and receiving penalties into the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Below is a list of the potential fines and penalties that you could face if you are travelling with an unsecured tray back or load:

Sunshine Commercial Tray Back and Load Covers can be made for almost any light commercial truck with a tray, including the following vehicles:

Dodge Ram Tray Back Covers

Sail/Rope Track Option Available in some truck series, please ask us for more details.

Easy installation and fitting! Easy ON/OFF or Partially Covered Covers

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