Serge Ferrari 502(s) Waterproof Series

Serge Ferrari 502 Waterproof Series

A high-performance fabric, the Serge Ferrari 502 series comes in a large range of solid colour and mixed colour combinations making it the perfect product for any awning or other shade applications. With over 50 colour and patterns available, Serge Ferrari offers many features including;

  • Patented, exclusive pre-contraint technology
  • High UV resistance
  • Flame retardant fabric for longevity with heat and weather protection
  • 10-year warranty

Serge Ferrari 502 is best suited to light structures, commercial or residential awnings. Other typical and best-suited applications include half-spherical awnings, pergolas, and entrance canopies.

With a versatility that extends to the material being able to be screen printed, it is a perfect option for businesses wanting to increase company branding whilst providing customers with a safe environment to enjoy the weather conditions in comfort.

As a waterproof material, Serge Ferrari 502 offers the greatest versatility to both private residential homes and businesses or corporate companies seeking a sleek, low maintenance fabric which can be applied to nearly any conceivable circumstance. The range of colours only enhance its usefulness.

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Serge Ferrari 502 Colour Range

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