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Insurance & Your Shade Sail

Is my shade sail covered by my insurance? It’s a question we get asked a lot, so we’ve put together this guide to help you understand insurance and your shade sail better. We know that getting to grips with your insurance policy can be difficult at the best of times and we’re here to help, but remember there are a lot of policies out there and they’re all different. For detailed information on your policy talk to your insurance provider.

Is a shade sail insured as part of the home or contents?

Some insurers make it easy by specifically defining or naming shade sails in their policy documents. For example, the RACQ includes shade sails as outdoor items they will cover as part of your home. However, most insurers don’t do this, in fact, many don’t even consider your shade sail a permanent part of your home. Insurers generally include permanent fixtures as part of your home building insurance. But what makes a fixture permanent? The NRMA defines a fixture as “any items that are permanently attached or fixed to the structure of your home that can’t be removed without causing damage to your home”. Many insurers have similar policies, and by that definition, your shade sail isn’t covered by building insurance and so becomes part of the contents of your home.

If there is sail hardware attached to your home or garage, those could be part of your building policy. Any additional structures for your shade sail are generally covered by your home insurance too. There can be exclusions though so check your policy for the different kinds of structures covered and the limits for them.

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When is the shade sail insured?

The hard part is over once you know how your shade sail is categorised by your insurers. First, check your policy for any specific inclusions or exclusions for shade sails in insured events. At Westpac, their storm cover includes loss or damage to a shade sail if it was professionally installed within the last 5 years. And RACQ specifically excludes loss or damage to shade sails under flood and storm surge cover. Where your policy doesn’t list shade sails it generally means that your sail is insured in any event the policy covers. For example, if the policy includes impact cover and a tree falls and damages the sail you’ll be able to make a claim.

There can be exclusions and limits if your sail is part of your contents. Some policies won’t cover any contents left outside. Even though shade sails are designed to be left out in the elements, damage to your sail won’t be covered. Other policies make exceptions for items designed for outdoor use, but these can be limited. They may refuse to cover some insured events, such as theft or storms, they could cap the payout at a fixed amount or reduce it by as much as 80% for contents that are left outdoors. Talk to your insurer, you don’t always have to change provider to get better protection, many companies have tiers of cover or optional extras that can increase the coverage for your shade sail.

What’s the right insurance to get?

There isn’t one answer for everyone, the right insurance for you is unique to you. If your shade sail and structure are covered under a building policy it will usually have broader protection. If it’s insured by both your home and contents policies, there can be exclusions you should look out for. If you stay informed and understand your policy, you can make sure you’ve got the right insurance for your situation.

Remember we’ve only looked at general home and contents policies here. Specialised cover options are also worth considering, many insurers adjust policies to account for high-value or specialist items. Talk to your provider and you might be able to get an altered policy that better caters to your situation and your shade sail.

Is my shade sail covered by my insurance

Repairs and replacements with Sunshine Coast Shade Sails

If your shade sail has hail, wind, storm or fire damage and is covered by your insurance policy we can help. Sunshine Coast Shade Sails can provide an insurance quote and report to replace your shade sail. Our local expert installers are committed to delivering insurance replacements for your shade sail quickly and within your budget.

Our superior quality shade sails are made with hard-wearing fabric and marine-grade stainless steel fittings. They’re designed to be resilient, stable and long-lasting in the unpredictable coastal Australian weather. With our unrivalled 10-year warranty on the fabric and stitching, your insurance replacement is in safe hands with Sunshine Coast Shade Sails.