Yeppoon Replacement Shade Sails

Replacement Shade Sail or DIY Shade Sails for Yeppoon Residence or Yeppoon Business (Cyclone Marcia)


 Cyclone Marcia hit Yeppoon


Category five system Tropical Cyclone Marcia has left homes and business battered and bruised in the Yeppoon area. The 260 kilometre-per-hour wind gusts ripped off roofing, scattered trees and branches like confetti and power outages are still widespread. The State Emergency Services (SES) are doing all they can to help. We here at Sunshine Coast Shade Sails want to do all we can to assist the Yeppoon residents and businesses alike to get back to their former glory by providing replacement shade sails, custom build shade sails or DIY shade sails for your Yeppoon home or business–with ease.


Why Sunshine Coast Shade Sails?


The team at Sunshine Coast Shade Sails have extensive experience in replacement or repair of damaged shade sails. We care about your home or business and want you to have a replacement of what was destroyed by Cyclone Marcia. You will not receive an inferior product because you are vulnerable and under pressure to source and recover, not only your replacement shade sail, but many other valuable possessions as well. We can provide DIY shade sails if you would like to do the job yourself. Custom built shade sails are catered for your Yeppoon residence or Yeppoon business.


Replacement Shade Sails for Yeppoon and Surrounds

DIY or Custom-made Shade Sail?


sails for Yeppoon

Are you the type of person who likes to do things themselves? Are you looking to save money? Then a replacement DIY shade sail for your battered Yeppoon home or business is what you need. One of our experienced team members at Sunshine Coast Shade Sails is happy to help you select the right DIY replacement shade sail that you can install yourself. Or are you a person who does not have the expertise to do the install yourself? Or do you have so many other things on your plate that you just want to get someone in, who will do the job right the first time and provide you with the quality service and shade sail you need? Then Sunshine Coast Shade Sail is the right company for you. We value your business and will exceed your expectations when it comes to providing a seamless service to provide a fully installed custom shade sail or DIY shade sail to your damaged Yeppoon home or Yeppoon business.


Shade Sail Verses the Alternative?


Shade sails are an affordable alternative to expensive carports, pergolas, gazebos and patio covers. Shade sails require less maintenance and consequently save you time and money for years to come. Our replacement shade sails or DIY shade sails come with a 10 year UV ray warranty. Queensland weather is harsh. Your family or business patrons need protecting from the weather and sun. This makes owning a shade sail a necessity to enjoy the outdoors. Perhaps in the recent disaster of Cyclone Marcia, that hit so many homes and businesses in the Yeppoon area, your type of shade provider was destroyed. We encourage you to seize this unique circumstance to truly examine what you really prefer. Maybe you had a carport, maybe you had a pergola and in hindsight wish you had not made that choice. This is your opportunity to correct that decision by switching to a shade sail as a replacement of your structure that is now no longer usable. Each team member working at Sunshine Coast Shade Sails can explore your shade sail options and equip you with all the information you need to make an educated and informed decision. A decision that you will be happy with in the years ahead.


From Disaster to Recovery


The team members here at Sunshine Coast Shade Sails are committed to aiding the community in Yeppoon and its surrounding areas to re-establish and regain normality; whether at home or in business. This commitment is represented by the care, understanding and insight that all our team members have–being locals–to help you to recover what has been lost, with as least amount of anxiety and stress as possible. That’s why we are ready and willing to help. Call today for a free measure and quote for your replacement shade sail, DIY shade sail or custom-made shade sail for either your home or business in Yeppoon or its surrounds. We will limit as best we can the complications in getting you back on your feet!

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